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A Time of Omen

With the release of Mythgard’s Rings of Immortality incoming, I got the privilege of participating in the q-mode testing. One archetype in particular has grasped most of my time, Omen Control.

The Core

As the name implies, Omen Control is a deck built around the use of Omen cards. Garland Arbor is the essential Omen that ties the package together, gaining 4 life and the ability to find more of your cards Omen has been proven to be strong. Naturally I went for Fires of Creation for the Path to use forgelings to find our artifact. The next card that must be played is Annulus Fabricator, the essential value card of the archetype. It’s not the most tempo effective card since it can’t copy on play and you need a fair amount of mana, but the value late-game is incredible and makes it hard to lose when it gets going. Filling out, I went with the core Yellow control tools such as Orbital Jamming Satellite, Misanthropia, Zolea, and etc.

Omens are very happy to have the Yellow tools.

2nd(and 3rd?) Faction

I’m still figuring out what the best option to pair the core Omens with. This is more of a good thing rather than bad, since from my testing all of them felt good. I came up with 5 variants with 1 being dual color. I’ll show off all them, but I’ll highlight the BOY variant the most. The one constant with all the tri-color variants of the archetype has been Blue. Blue has a high amount of strong 2 gem cards that fits very well and is easy to play. As a mana hungry archetype, having access to Norden Datacore is incredible tool for us to get to our high level winning plays. New tools like Bragi’s Ballad allow us to dig deep into our deck and you can’t forget the Blue’s Omen Hall of Matrimony. Finally Allfather’s Horn gives the deck a strong wincon.

Blue a core part of Omen’s tri-color variants.

The Final Piece

I’ve liked the feel of Orange the most of all the pairs I’ve tried so far. It’s hard to argue against the best card in the game(Armageddon Angel) and the new tools. Jaza’Eri and Triennial Patrol fits and synergizes well with the deck keeping multiple minions on the board for Ollama Ring. Dark Passenger is one of the better ways to remove minions and the Orange’s Omen Adorner of Fertility is good cheap body with a high upside ring.

Deck: The Completed Beauty

Other Variants

These have potential, once the meta defines a bit time will tell which is one is the best and what card changes that needs to be made.

Deck: Shades of classic YG Control
Deck: High Utility Variant
Deck: My second choice potentially sub in Sword Saint if there’s a lot of aggro early
Deck: A lot like orange variant, high tempo


It’s exciting times with the first Mythgard expansion releasing. Lots of new archetypes and tournaments looming looks to finish Mythgard strong after a shaky first half of the year. I’ll be rolling giveaways here of Rings of Immortality packs so comment down below what you’re most excited for in the expansion and your Discord tag so I can contact you. Also the friends at KG has some takes on Omens so check those out as well: #1 and #2.

5 thoughts on “A Time of Omen

  1. new FoC and Rainbow stuff looks very exciting đŸ™‚ Interesting decks, thank you for your time in explaining and posting them.


  2. Excited to get crushed using my new canine decks.

    Also wondering if anyone will be able to summon the champion of the games card ever


  3. Thank you for the nice review ! Started to play not long ago so I’m a bit overwhelmed with all the new cards.
    The load-out armory looks like a nice addition for Hoarding Hero which I like a lot.
    It’s nice that people put time to write those articles, especially for archetypes that don’t seem really easy for noobs.


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