The Climb: Beta Season II

Beta Season II’s end is hastily approaching, so I wanted to write a sort of retrospective on it. Coming into Beta Season II I knew that decks like RO Midrange, Aztec Control, and YG Abomination where the most refined archetypes for ladder, though I wanted to test some of the lesser archetypes. The ones I settled and actually climbed with was YB Horn OTK, RG Control, and Rainbow Rush. The unforeseen archetype at the time that broke the meta was GB Necromantic which I’ll be sure to recount about. The list I’ll post here aren’t exactly up to date since I hit Champion January 19th, they’re supposed to help visualize the meta at the time.

Early Beta Season II Climb

The meta was pretty much how I thought it would be except for the huge amount of decks utilizing Allfather’s Horn. NKL came up with a sweet YB Horn OTK that felt decent enough against all the 3 best decks and just the fact the deck was interesting I naturally gravitated towards it. A big thing to note about early Beta Season II was the harsh points system that could give you as low as +10.0 RP in wins and -50.0 RP in losses, making the ladder more grindy than usual.

Assemble Twin tokens, Tailroot Wurm on Demolition Speedway, and Allfather’s Horn who knows what’ll happen. Deck:

The Horn OTK got me to M04, but the rise of GB Necromantic and other Necromantic variants ultimately had me drop the list. The matchup was pretty bad as Smite would tear down my life total faster than mend could protect it and my board clears sucked against them. Their OTK was faster than mine and more efficient on average. The matchups against the other top decks except for Aztec Control was also unfavored, so I was even more inclined to switch decks.

Faster and more efficient. Deck:

Middle Beta Season II Climb

RG Control did really well during the time of the testing of December 2019’s tier list, so I wanted to give it a shot in the ranked environment. The switch was crazy good, peaking at M09, the matchup against YG was bad, but GB Necromantic kept the deck in check and underrepresented. The cycling was incredible with the deck, while having a really good early game for a control deck. No deck felt like a bad matchup, but then why did I switch at the last moment? Eventually most people at high RP switched to RO midrange which is an unfavored matchup and being in the hand of the best players didn’t give a lot of confidence with finishing the climb with RG. The GB Necromantic matchup was 50/50 ish as well, making the decision easier.

The one drops do crazy work here. Deck:

End Beta Season II Climb

The end was a lot faster with the speed of Rainbow Rush. I was bigger on the deck than most, even with the nerf phobia around. It didn’t take me long to refine a list to my liking. The biggest changes were putting in generic good Norden and Oberos cards, like Shopworn BullKara Morningwives, Magmataur, getting rid of Fire Eater obviously and going down on enchantments. The deck feelt good against anything, just Wonder Drug and Lavish Proxy could be hard to deal with. Punishing greedy decks was great and the RO and Necromantic matchups felt good since you were just faster than them. I ended up being the 5th person to hit champion this season which I was happy with, and I was also proud of how many different ways I adjusted against the meta.

Favorite deck of the climb. Deck:

Next Season and Beyond

Expect another tier list when Set 2 gets released, in the meantime I’ll do at least 1 deck tech article and 1 deck tech video when the march balance patch hits in a week or so. I may do a The Climb: Beta Season I if people would want that as well, not sure if people are interested in my thought process on my climbs. It was a few months ago, but knowing history on the climb could help the process of becoming a better player. May do a theorycraft video or article of the sort if we get set 2 spoilers in advance, which is probably likely, so look forward to that as well. Also check out my stream if you want to see some live content as well. Thanks for everyone that took out the time to read this thus far, have a good one wherever you are!




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